How to Incorporate TikTok Into Your Company's Social Media Strategy

There is now another major social media platform that has emerged and it has become one of the most downloaded apps in the world!

With over 800 million monthly active users across the world, TikTok has been blowing up social media in such a short amount of time. This app allows users to record and edit videos up to a minute long with different sounds and visual effects. It gives users the ability to be creative and post video-based content to the world!

What is TikTok?

Formally known as, the app was created in 2014 which allowed users to record lip-syncing videos of popular songs and had over 90 million users. In 2018, an internet technology company based in China called, “ByteDance Ltd.” secured a deal to merge their corporation with creating a new brand called, “TikTok”. The app quickly shifted away from traditional lip-syncing and karaoke as users started creating original, engaging and impressionable content.

Key Features of TikTok

Most videos created on the app are 15 seconds, but users can also create “story” type videos for up to a minute. The camera feature has countless filters and effects that let users create fun and appealing videos.

The most unique feature on TikTok is the fact that users do not even have to follow anyone. They can just go on the discover page and watch videos with specific hashtags that are trending. TikTok algorithms then create a specific timeline of content based on the videos you have viewed or engaged with which then show up on the “For You” page. The more views your video gets, the more likely it is to appear on someone’s “For You” page.

Hashtags are widely used amongst users to create different trends and challenges. Most of these trends incorporate widely popular songs in which comedians performing stand-up routines, skateboarders showcasing their skills, pranksters, dancers, fashion gurus, growing beauty influencers, and craft fans, use to share videos exhibiting their talent.

How to Incorporate TikTok Into Your Social Media Strategy

There are 3 main ways brands can leverage TikTok and use it in their marketing strategy.

1. Create a brand page on TikTok

Make unique, original and likable content. These videos can vary from humorous trends to quick educational captures. The raw unfiltered footage allows users to understand that consumers use your brand in their day to day lives. It’s very essential to understand the tone and approach of the content you are posting. You must give your followers what they want to see and understand your consumer demographic by keeping up with the latest trends. This is key for creating brand awareness within the app.

2. Work with influencers on TikTok

More influential TikTokkers have follower counts that vary from 1M all the way to 38M! This is a great way to partner with these influencers to reach a broader audience. The key is to find influencers who are right for your brand image and fit your budget goals.

3. Pay to advertise on TikTok

Users started seeing ads on the app in early January 2019. Just like other social media platforms, TikTok is now testing a paid advertising feature in North America and Europe. The most recent large corporation to pay for a TikTok ad was Apple Inc. advertising their MacBook for International Women’s Day. If you need help with social media advertising, you have come to the right place.

Does TikTok Fit Your Marketing Company’s Strategy?

Are you going to join TikTok and start creating videos this year?

Grow your Business on Social Media This year

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